About Us

About Us

Science is too important not to be part of popular culture Brian Cox. We 100% agree. 

This is our little way of showing the world science is awesome. We are a small family who are really passionate about science. We believe scientific literacy needs to be celebrated and embraced. We love the idea of incorporating science into pop culture. 

Science is so beautiful, our jewellery is another chance to show this to the world! 

Our History

In 2014 we were having a conversation about how I couldn't find any science jewellery in NZ. As a teacher, I had big dreams of themeing my jewellery to the lessons like Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

The more we talked about the idea of science themed jewellery the more we loved the idea of science being seen as something beautiful and a little bit quirky.

One of our coolest moments was a conversation at a market where a girl used our dopamine necklace to help her mother understand that her depression was not a choice but a chemical imbalance. This is what we love  - people chatting, learning and loving science!